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The ReturnBear team is growing! Meet the new faces in town and give them a warm welcome.

Vera Bereg, Head of Product

Vera brings 17 years of experience balancing business strategy, customer needs and technical feasibility. She has thrived in organizations of various sizes and varying cultures: from Amazon to small start ups, scaling products from 0 to 1 and from 1 to many. Vera is thrilled about the reverse logistics problem space and the opportunity to make it exciting, worry free and thriving for consumers and retailers alike. In her spare time, Vera often curls up with a book. She also loves to travel, having been to more than 30 countries so far. Elusive Portugal is next!


Rob Domagala, Head of Business Development

Rob joins ReturnBear after 12 years of digital and design consulting for global brands and startups. He spent the last 9 years helping grow Toronto digital product agency TWG from 12 people to more than 150 when they were acquired by Deloitte in March, 2021. Leading both business development and ecommerce & branding departments, Rob has had the pleasure of working with established brands and disruptive startups to bring their digital platforms and customer experiences to life. If you catch him for a coffee, be sure to share what's on your latest playlist so he can chew your ear off about his passion for music.


Nicolette Bertsch, Operations Associate

Nicolette has spent the last few years developing the customer experience and backend operations for Toronto’s financial tech sector. Moving to retail, she’s excited about being able to solve one of the biggest challenges in the industry, improving the customer experience and more importantly, spending more time at one of her favourite places, the mall! If you want to become fast friends with Nicolette, invite her out to toss a Frisbee or for post-work bubble tea. 


Chris Jarvis, CEO

Chris is ReturnBear's CEO. He has over two decades of experience building supply chain solutions in the retail industry, and his innovative ideas & operational experience drive his work in the start-up world. Chris is a thought leader and strategic ‘big picture’ thinker who is passionate about the operational approaches needed to deliver commercially viable solutions that work in today’s increasingly complex business environments. His strong understanding of commerce and retail operations is combined with a passion for customer experience and usability that helps focus ReturnBear's efforts to be the best solution for retailers and their customers.

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