Join our reverse logistics pilot for Canadian retailers in 2021

We handle and assess your returned merchandise for restock, replenishment or responsible disposal

  • Reduce cost of returns by up to 30%
  • Delight customers with your return process

Better reverse logistics

Reduce Cost

Faster Returns

Quality Assessment

Reduce your per item return cost. Put our reverse logistics network to work, and improve your bottom line.

Avoid unnecessary discounts by letting your inventory sit in limbo. Get your returned products back in stock faster. 

Confidently outsource your return processing. Leave return acceptance and disposition to us.

Analytics & Insights

Customer Experience


Get smarter about returns. Use our reverse logistics insights and get more efficient about your returns process.

Make returns faster and more convenient. Use our returns drop-off network and delight your customers!

Go green with returns! Reduce your carbon footprint by managing your returns locally through our network.

Questions about ReturnBear?

Where is Returnbear located?

Do I have to sign up for all services that ReturnBear offers?

Does ReturnBear issue refunds for my customers?

We are a growing network of hubs and return services across Canada, so you we don't have to move your inventory from coast-to-coast unnecessarily.

No, you can choose the service that is right for your brand and your product selection. Flexibility is one of our strong suits!

Yes, we streamline the return process for your customers and expedite the refund process while diligently caring for your products.

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