International eCommerce Returns Management

From pixels to parcels, brands trust ReturnBear to optimize the full lifecycle of their international ecommerce returns. Give customers a localized return experience while reducing logistics costs.


For scaling brands looking to optimize returns

Since using ReturnBear: our return-related customer service tickets have gone down, customers receive refunds in a timely manner, and our warehouse team is able to get returned items back on the shelves quickly and efficiently for re-sale."

Manny Alamwala, Director of Ecommerce
Palladium Boots Canada

If there were 6 stars, we'd give them.  The app is smooth, fast and totally seamless, and the options for the customer (and automation for us) are above and beyond what any other return apps offer."

Brandy Mercredi, Founder & CEO


Returns impact your bottom line

  • Your cross border shipping costs are expensive
  • Return fraud erodes your profits
  • Inefficient return processes tie up your inventory from future sale

Returns can make up


of your on-hand inventory. Let’s get that back!

Customer experience is key to growing your brand

  • Your customers want cheaper and more convenient return options
  • Long refund times frustrate them and risk their loyalty

of surveyed shoppers were more likely to purchase from a brand after a positive return, exchange or refund experience.


End-to-end reverse logistics

Comprehensive returns software

The all-in-one returns solution you’ve been waiting for

Our software is deployed at local networks of drop-off points and hubs so that you can

Improve your bottom line

Verify returns for risk-free refunds

Recover inventory and get it to your next local customer faster

Reduce shipping costs by consolidating returned products locally

Improve your customer experience

Meet your customers where they are with package-free label-free drop-off and mail in solutions

Enable fast customer refunds, exchanges and store credit without waiting for international shipping

Unlock the Power of Returns:
Boost Profits, Delight Customers

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Turn your returns from a liability to an opportunity

Up to


Revenue retained via exchange or store-credit

Up to


Savings for comparable logistics costs

Average of


Drop-off adoption for customer convenience


Improved customer experience

Less time spent managing returns

Savings on international shipping

Nadaré was spending hours managing their return process manually and was unable to cover the high cost of return shipping for their customers.

I hated dealing with returns before because people would get mad about having to print and pay for their own labels. It wasn't the most efficient way and I don't think my customers were very happy with my policy before."

Since onboarding with ReturnBear, 90%+ of Nadaré’s customers have adopted drop-off returns, saving the brand over 76% in shipping fees.

When I saw the first few returns coming and it went smoothly it was a relief. Now I’m happy to give customers my return policy where before I was hesitant to share it."

Andrea Norquay, Founder


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