Make your inventory more profitable.

Save time and money with our full suite of pay-per-return services for brands selling in the US and Canada.

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Make your inventory more profitable.

Save time and money with our full suite of pay-per-return services for brands selling in the US and Canada.

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Why ReturnBear, you ask?

Convenient Kiosks

Along with other convenient return methods mean fast refunds for them, savings on shipping for you.

Less Spending More savings

Great rates and batch shipping keeps account teams happy.

Network of Partnerships

Thanks to our network of partners, we’re everywhere you need to be to meet your customer’s needs.

Sell while you return

We put exchanges front and center, making yesterday’s return today’s profit.

Why ReturnBear?

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Simple returns management.

Immediate exchanges and refunds with easy drop-offs. No re-packing or label printing unless the customer wants it.

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Complete processing & inspection.

End-to-end white glove service that will unpack, QA, and prepare your returned goods ready to be re-sold so you can put inventory back on your shelves, fast.

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Canadian Micro-forward fulfillment.

Ship ready-to-sell orders from your return inventory to the next customer faster and cost-effectively via our drop-off network and processing hubs.

Easily integrates with:
Platforms: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Custom*Platforms: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Custom*

*Don't be shy, reach out and let's chat about integrating with your systems!

Simpler returns, just steps away.

Returns chip away at your bottom line, but there’s a better way. We handle the details so you don’t have to.

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Returns this wayReturns this way
Drop-Off Points Across Canada
Drop-Off Points Across Canada

Leverage our national logistics network.

Manage your returns in Canada, and drive up to 70% shipping savings with our package and label-free drop-offs. Learn more about our partnership with HBC.

Brands that use ReturnBearBrands that use ReturnBear

How it’s Done.

Retail associate scans item into systemChoosing your return methodQuality assurance of productsBatch-shippingResale

Get up and running fast.

Easy integration gives customers convenient ways to exchange and return in no time.

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Guide customers to their best option.

Our rules engine lets you set convenient options for your customers. They can drop off or mail back - for exchange, store credit or refund.

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Get back to retail.

We receive, QA, and re-pack your goods so that you don't have to.

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Better for your bottom line ... and the environment.

Reduce shipping costs and environmental impact with batched returns back to your warehouse.

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New intelligence with every return.

Our insights dashboard takes you behind the scenes on return causes, so you can prevent them in the first place.

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Numi — ReturnBear Merchant Partner

"I'd be more inclined to buy from brands if I knew ReturnBear drop-off was an option."
— Numi Customer


Days for receiving refunds, not 30 days


Reduction in national shipping costs


Faster return processing time than other solutions
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