Every ReturnBear partner helps us to create value for ecommerce brands by streamlining operations and improving the customer experience of making a return.

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Integration Partners

ReturnBear provides a plug-and-play solution with these existing platform and OMS integrations.

IBM Sterling Commerce

Seamlessly plug in returns to complement your existing fulfillment processes with the ReturnBear integration.
Oracle Netsuite
Oracle NetSuite

ReturnBear complements NetSuite’s full lifecycle of an order with returns.

Check out our app on the Shopify App Store! We have a turnkey integration with Shopify-powered merchants.

Drop-Off Partners

These partners make up ReturnBear’s Canada-wide drop-off network. With strategically selected locations, dropping off returns has never been more convenient for your customers.

Cadillac Fairview
Cadillac Fairview

The first ever drop-off partner, you can find ReturnBear in most Cadillac Fairview malls across Canada at their guest service counters.
Hudson's Bay Company (HBC)
Hudson's Bay Company

HBC is North America’s longest continually operating company and every HBC store in Canada is a ReturnBear drop-off location.

Secure & convenient locations to pick up, ship and return your packages. Find us at all Ontario PenguinPickUp locations.
Staples logo

Staples Canada hosts ReturnBear drop-offs at several locations across the country.

Sustainability Partners

We strive to make returns better for the planet - it's one of the main pillars of what we do. Here are our environmentally conscious friends that prioritize the planet as well.


Boox combines zero-waste reusable boxes with a returns network (powered by ReturnBear in Canada!) to help circulate reusables around the globe.
Canadian Textile Recycling Ltd.
Canadian Textile Recycling

ReturnBear partners with Canadian Textile Recycling Limited to offer brands destruction and recycling of their end-of-life inventory.

Debrand is an expert in reverse logistics and we work with them for textile recycling for apparel brands all over North America.

A branded resale solution that helps brands drive revenue growth, increase LTV, and acquire customers while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Logistics Partners

If you need help with your forward logistics and fulfillment, these are some of our friends you should explore.

SHIPHYPE Fulfillment

An expert in 3PL D2C fulfillment and Amazon FBA Prep services for fast-growing North American brands that sell across multiple channels.

International package forwarding for US, Canadian, & UK mailing addresses.
Atomix logo

By using Atomix’s warehouse-in-a-warehouse model, brands access hyper-personalized operations to reduce friction, costs while enabling scalable growth.
ship detonate logo
Ship Detonate

Ship Detonate redefines 3PL partnerships by driving efficiencies and savings with tailored logistics and creative marketing under one roof.

A B2C carrier for High Volume shippers and eCommerce brands based in North America.

Ecosystem Partners

More of our friends that help ecommerce businesses operate smoothly.

walmart logo
Walmart CA Marketplace

Enables sellers to list, manage, and sell their items from Walmart CA Marketplace while ReturnBear can support with return processing and consolidation.

Helps eCommerce brands optimize sales and inventory with AI. Check out our latest eBook collaboration!