The all-in-one returns solution you've been looking for

Everything from free return management software to reverse logistics handled for you.

Package-Free & Label-Free Drop Offs

Reduce your shipping costs and amaze your customers with the convenience of a coast-to-coast drop-off network that eliminates the need for return packaging and shipping labels. Let your customers choose how and when they make their returns via mail-in or drop-offs.

How that benefits your operations:

  • No re-packing or label printing unless the customer wants it
  • Instant exchanges, store credit, or refunds processed on the spot (~90 seconds)
  • Save an average of 50% on comparable return logistics costs for every drop-off return

Palladium Boots saw 54% adoption of the drop-offs return option in just 1 month of using ReturnBear.

Screenshot of a ReturnBear feature that shows how a customer selects a return method, and that they have the option to drop-off the item at a ReturnBear location, or mail-in with a pre-paid shipping label.

Hands-On Item Inspection & QA

Good news! No more inspecting, folding, repacking, and manually approving refunds. We reduce customer service effort by fully automating the return process for you and your customers – and we do it end-to-end with our white glove processing services.

If you're a channel seller dealing with returns from multiple marketplaces, we can receive, validate and consolidate all of your returns.

How that benefits your operations:

  • Inspection, quality control, repacking, and retagging
  • Batch consolidation for returned items
  • Unlimited disposition locations

"Since using ReturnBear, our return-related customer service tickets have gone down, customers receive refunds in a timely manner."

Photos of a customer service rep packing and processing a return at a ReturnBear drop-off point

Cross-Border Returns

Reduce the complexity, cost, and time it takes to manage your cross-border returns. We offer US and Canadian rate shopping and can provide customs-ready shipping labels for your cross-border mail-in returns. No need to worry about shipping fees and US/CAD conversions.

… or, maybe those cross-border returns shouldn’t even make that journey? Talk to us about our Micro-Forward Fulfillment option, and how we can ship those products to your next customer instead.

Branded Consumer Portal

We’ll set you up with a fully branded customer portal that automates your returns. Incentivize exchanges and store credit to retain revenue, and manage any fees that need to be passed back to the customer.

How that benefits your operations:

  • Customize the look and feel of your consumer portal
  • Promote exchanges or store credit (including credit bonuses)
  • Automate your return authorization requests — from your custom policies and return criteria to shipping label or drop-off QR code generation
  • Let customers choose whether they mail-in or drop-off returns
  • Create custom returns reasons and monitor your return analytics
  • We'll help set this all up for you, and have you up and running in as little as 48 hours

"They thought of everything for the onboarding, making the process peaceful and easy." #businessangels

Screenshot of a ReturnBear feature that allows brands to have a customized portal

Automation, Exchanges, Store Credit

Save your team hours of manual work with our automated returns and exchanges portal. No more manual review and approval for every return request — all you have to do is set your return policies and let the system do the rest!

Reduce refunds by encouraging customers to exchange their purchases or opt for store credit - you can even offer store credit bonuses to keep your customers shopping.

On average, brands that use ReturnBear see 53% of customers adopting Exchange or Store Credit over Refund.

Screenshot of a ReturnBear feature that highlights the ability to choose a return method

Save up to


on return
shipping costs

Access our network of 1000+ drop-off points, and see instant savings on the cost of returns.

CF Shopping Centres and Hudson's Bay

Find ReturnBear drop-off points across Canada, in CF Shopping Centres, Penguin Pick Up points, Staples Canada and Hudson’s Bay locations.

Let ReturnBear handle your returns,
from pixels to parcels

We offer a white-glove onboarding process, and can have you in as little as 2 days!

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