How to Sell on Hudson's Bay Marketplace, Thebay.com

August 11, 2023
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E-commerce is ever-evolving, and as a merchant, keeping up with new marketplaces can enhance your online shopping presence and sales. One platform that offers enormous potential is Thebay.com, the online portal of Canada's oldest company, Hudson's Bay Co. (HBC). With a reputation for quality and style, becoming a third-party seller on Thebay.com opens the door to a large and loyal customer base. This guide will detail the selling process on this new marketplace, and how you can leverage it to expand your retail business.

Step 1: Market Research

First, understand the unique nature of Thebay.com's customer base. This Canadian retailer caters to a broad audience looking for everything from vintage designer handbags to the latest home goods. The Toronto, Ontario-based platform is a favourite among shoppers for its unique mix of products, competitive prices, and popular Hudson’s Bay Reward Points system. It's your job as a seller to understand what Thebay.com's customers want and how your products fit into this ecosystem.

Step 2: Get Your House in Order

Before applying to Thebay.com, you'll want to gather some essential information:

  • Business name, address, and contact information
  • Business registration documents
  • A well-organized, digital product catalog (including high-quality images and descriptions)
  • UPC/EAN/ISBN for each product
  • Information about your order fulfillment methods and return policies
  • A clear strategy for customer service and returns

Step 3: Application Process

Unlike more crowded marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, becoming a marketplace seller on Thebay.com requires filling out a google form application through their seller portal. Ensure you have all your details ready (as outlined in step 2) and apply to become a seller using their online contact form. 

The application form asks you for specific information about your brand and where you sell, be prepared to answer the following questions: 

  • Do you currently ship to Canada? 
  • Do you have a distribution center in Canada or the US? 
  • How  many retailers currently carry your brand? 
  • List your product categories
  • Do you currently sell on any other marketplaces? 
  • Is your brand BIPOC owned/designed?

Step 4: Review and Approval

Once submitted, the team at Hudson's Bay Marketplace will review your application. This process might take a few weeks and require additional information or documents. The Canadian Press previous reported on the new opportunity available on thebay.com and the  rigorous screening process, underscoring Hudson's Bay's commitment to ensuring the quality and integrity of the products on their platform.

Step 5: Setting up Your Bay Account

After your application is approved, the next step is setting up your Bay Account. This involves integrating your product catalog, configuring your payment information, and setting your shipping and return policies. This Bay Account will be your primary hub for managing your business on Thebay.com.

Step 6: Listing Products

When your Bay Account is set up, you can start listing your products. Make sure your listings include detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive prices. Remember to optimize your product titles and descriptions with relevant keywords for better visibility.

Step 7: Managing Orders and Customer Service

As you start to see sales, you'll need to manage order fulfillment and customer service efficiently. This includes processing orders swiftly, handling returns, and answering customer queries promptly. Hudson's Bay values its reputation as a customer-friendly platform, so sellers are expected to uphold these standards.

Step 8: Managing Returns 

The Bay requires all sellers to have a Canadian return address registered, for international sellers, this might seem like a logistical obstacle, but with the right third-party reverse logistics partner, you can manage and outsource your Canadian returns seamlessly. ReturnBear removes the need for your business to manage manual returns by providing you with a seamless end-to-end return experience, and ReturnBear is a partner of Hudson’s Bay. You’ll notice many ReturnBear in-person drop-off locations available across Canada. This enables customers to have an easy and simple return process where they can drop off their return items at ReturnBear hubs for processing and refunds. Sign-up for a ReturnBear demo and prepare your brand for Canadian expansion. 

Step 9: Continual Optimization

The key to success in any online marketplace, including Thebay.com, is continual optimization. Monitor your sales data, customer feedback, and other metrics to improve your listings, pricing, and customer service. Also, monitor trends on the platform and on the broader seller community.


It's important to anticipate potential questions your customers might have. Will you accept Hudson’s Bay gift cards? Can customers add your products to their wishlist? How will purchases from your store contribute to Hudson’s Bay Reward Points? Have these answers ready and visible to streamline the shopping experience for your customers.

Going Beyond

Promote your products on social media and other channels to increase visibility. Being an active part of the HBC seller community can also help you understand best practices and new developments.

Overall, becoming a successful seller on Thebay.com involves understanding the Canadian market, meeting the platform's high-quality standards, and continuous optimization. With this comprehensive guide, you're well-equipped to join the ranks of successful sellers on Thebay.com, reaching customers from Toronto to Vancouver and beyond. Happy selling!

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